(directors and producers welcome too!)

I have lived with professional actors my whole adult life. They are literally my family and my closest friends.

I started creating actor reels just for them, when very few people had reels of this sort.

Times have changed and now every actor needs a reel. Crafting actor reels is the perfect way for me to advocate for all of the actors out there looking for the best representation of their work that is possible.

I am so pleased to help you with this vital tool for success.

Please keep in mind-

-A solid reel not only leads to more work and better connections, it showcases your strengths and separates you from the pack. 

-Without access to high end editing tools and an experienced editor, reels can look and feel clunky and unprofessional.

-Most people include too much on their reel, and many keep work that is outdated or of poor production quality.


These things and much more can get in the way of directors really seeing you and your work.


As a film editor for over 15 years, I have the experience and the objective eye to help identify and guide you to your strongest moments. Your reel will be crafted in an elegant and professional manner, and you will be proud to share it with everyone from Spielberg's casting director to your Mom!

Here are some recent PIT reels-

Most Popular Options:


  • NEW! Update Existing PIT Actor Reel $200 Flat Fee - includes no limit on number of new additional scenes or new headshot 

  • Showcase Legit Reel $300 (2-4 min)

  •   Agency Submission Reel $250 (1-2 min)

  •   Commercial Reel $200-$300

  •   Live Performance EPK $500 and up

All reels include:


  • Initial phone consultation

  • Basic color correction 

  • Basic audio clean-up 

  • Transitions, Lower thirds, Music (if applicable)

  • Title cards with or without headshot (headshot provided by client)

  • 2 Rough cuts and 1 Final cut pass 

  • Downloadable *high resolution final reel

  *Resolution quality is dependent on original footage provided by you, the client. I can often obtain high resolution copies of your work if it has been broadcast. There is an additional fee of $50.00 per show, and you can keep the footage for future use. To avoid this, I always encourage asking your agents to obtain your footage immediately after your show airs, for use on your reel!

There will always be open communication ensuring your satisfaction with the final product.

The information above is a general guide for a typical actor reel, and prices will vary based on individual needs.


Director and Producer Reels will include additional parameters.


I will always do my best to work within your budget and with a super fast turnover!

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